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Saturday, 2 November 2013

【Trip】~ 9 days tour around Taiwan~ Day 3 : Finally bloated my stomach!

Day 3 - Kaohsiung - night market

Continuing the trip in Taiwan, we stayed back in Kaohsiung for the day.  We woke up quite late that morning after spending the previous night gossiping with Min till late night.

Our first meal started at a nearby breakfast stall, carrot cake, club sandwich, hashbrown and a cup of milk coffee. Quite ordinary breakfast but i love that club sandwich/// I cant finish up my coffee hence brought it with me to the next destination.

As huahua was not free that morning, her cousin bro brought us around the city. We went to this mall " Dreams mall" located in the center of the city. There is this ferris wheel on the roof of the shopping mall which I remember seeing it in a Taiwan drama/// ( dont remember the name though). They are having a 40years celebration for Hello Kitty with collectible points at most shops in the malls. It was pinkish and dreamy all over the mall because of this celebration. I came across this Pili doll merchandise shop which I had my first meet with a real pili doll in front of my eyes. No wonder people was fascinated with this, they are really delicate piece of art indeed!!

I dropped by the bookshop, "Chengpin bookstore" just to have a look on Taiwan bookstore. I wasnt expecting any spendings here as i have weigh limits and cash limits that don't allow too much of unnecessary expenses. I came out of the book store with 5 mangas with me in the end. OTL.........  since its the real publisher here in Taiwan, the books are genuine and much cheaper compare to Msia. I was going crazy there and picked out quite a number of books, but I managed to cut down to five in the end... I personally like Nakamura- sensei 's book very much. Her story always catches my heart///// bought two of her books, one which i had been looking for quite sometime while another is the sequel of the story. Others are just random pick of genre I  might liked //////

We strolled around the mall until about 3pm, i bought a box of facial mask which is on sales in SASA then we headed to another place for lunch.

The lunch is another big meal again. I initially just ordered "sour spicy soup" while Min ordered beef noodles. I supposed our choice of food was not local enough, the cousin bro added a few more dishes... it became a huge meal alas!!

We picked up Huahua from train station and headed to 'Xizi wan' for a walk after meal. Quite a long stairs up for the temple and britain embassy. We just took a few photos from above. There was this adorable flower icecream/// we shared one with mango flavor. Scenery of the bay was awesome as well//.

The next destination was an art street. There is an amazing steel container art at the entrance, but i didnt manage to capture the picture clearly. There are lots more of other sculpture arts, including huge size bumblebee////

We headed back to huahua house and rest for a while. We went out again to the night market around dream mall area. We took a bus there as there was quite a distance from huahua house. It is a combination of two night market, the " Kai Xuan" and "Jing zhuan", just besides the Gold Silver Mall.  Its quite a huge area with all kinds of food stalls, cloths and games. I had stuffed myself with so much food... which eventually ended up throwing all food out ... it should be the last spicy smelly taufu that made me lost the appetite.... but its really tasty/////

We spent around 2 hours in the night market, we reached home around 12.30. I was kinda surprised that the operating hours was until very late night. When we left around that area, the place was still with alot of people.

I packed up my bags that night as we would left for Kenting the next day.

-- to be continued--

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