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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

【Trip】Australia Voyage ~ Part 1 ~ Late Autumn in Melbourne

18th April to 25th April, happiest time of the year, I had finally fulfilled one of the most desire dream I had ever wished for since I was 17 -- step foot on Australia, the land of all unique living furry adorable sweet animals that can only be found in Australia~ I had always dream of study abroad in Australia since my time in college, but somehow its not possible due to many circumstances like financial crisis and financial crisis and financial crisis..... Hence, I try to fulfill that unreachable dream through other ways, like holidays in Australia. A little bit different from what I plan to -- stay in that country for at least a long period of time to learn and explore the Australia lifestyle and the culture -- , still I am able to get what I want to get from the trip there. ^^ Thanks to Airasia for the cheap airticket promotion~ love ya though its better if I could lean the chair down abit (and yes, I planned it for a year already for that cheap air ticket =3=) ! Most importantly, I want to kiss my daddy for willing to sponsor half of the expenses I had spent through this trip, love ya Daddy > 3 <~~~~~

I and Min Min decided on going for this trip as we have coursemate that study abroad there and as a graduation trip for our college time. We had visited two places which is Melbourne and Adelaide. What I could conclude from this trip would be --- we are two very daring little girls.... wandering around unfamiliar places without having full preparation and second thought on the possible danger stuff we might encounter.... Thumbs up for our bravery and fortunate!!!
Day 1 [18th Apr 2012]-Malaysia --> Melbourne
Its a 8 hours flight from Malaysia to Melbourne, Aus. In-flight meal of Airasia tasted not bad, its kinda nice actually, nasi lemak with chicken rendang.

When we reached Tullamarine airport in Melbourne, it was around 11.30pm there. Only now that we realized how serious the condition were back there -- Australian are very healthy people... there is no flight after 11.00pm from the airport, which means most of the shops were closed by then--- that was the very first time I ever experienced a deserted airport --> the first culture shock!!!!!  Firstly, we did not booked any hotel for the night beforehand; secondly, we do not have any Australia phone card with us, which means we were almost stranded there in the airport ( yes,.. I felt a pinchy bit of fear there, just a pinchy bit ).
First meal in Australia--- Mc-D...... and .... culture shock.. (Y no sos chilli????!!!!!) Tasted quite ok..... 

Well we did manage to get a room in Melbourne city ( a big room for 4 people) which we did not have any choice but to take it. We took a skybus from airport towards Melbourne city and happen to meet Raoul, a Malaysian that work there as a cab driver. A very nice guy which gave us a lot of advises about how to travel in Melbourne, and the places of interest there, and offers his help to lead our tour around Melbourne. A very nice guy. ^^ He gave us a free ride to the hotel from bus station. Its kind of surprise to find people this nice nowadays. Hotel Formule 1 is a very nice hotel, located in the Elizabeth street (center of the city) very near to most of the places that is worth visiting in Melbourne. Thumbs up for the hotel, services is good, receptionist ( Mr.Aaron =3=) is very friendly and helpful, location wise is superb, bedroom is good, with a bathroom and toilet and is quite clean, price is very reasonable. Feel free to visit their website . A good choice for accommodation for the stay in Melbourne.

#Self-pissed moment#
Something to mention here is that "WHY I NO BUY A WEEK EARLIER!!!!!!!!! I MISSED OUT MELBOURNE LARGEST ANIME FAIR (which was held a week before I went there)!!!!!!!!! " QAQ. #End of self-pissed moment #
Day 2 [19th Apr 2012]-- Melbourne City
We woke up a bit late this morning, as the long trip the night before almost killed both of us. A bright makeup to greet great Melbourne city~ (I think both of us looked most pretty that day XDDD *nose pointed high to the sky*)

I love the city of Melbourne a lot. The city is a mixture of olden and modern, old European buildings right next to a modern city buildings, only by then I felt like I was in a different place, a different country with different culture and background. I personally favored English-style buildings a lot. The Block Arcade is one of them that fancy me a lot. It located right opposite Formule 1 hotel. There is one shop there, The Hopetoun Tea Room, is one of the must-try cafe in Melbourne. Sadly I missed the chance to, it was crowded and with long queues when we were there the first time; onwards, we were not able to reach back before it closes. It was really a pity! Hence, we decided to go for another shop after that. 

We had our brunch in "Hardware Societe", a very nice caffe located in Hardware Lane, in Lonsdale St, two streets away from Formule 1. It's a busy time when we reached there, we waited around 10 mins for our turn to dine in. I order the Today's special menu -- Stitch Fillet, while Min ordered Pork Belly. Overall, they tasted good, not salty enough for me though XDD. But I like the hot chocolate a lot, its awesome!! Thick and satisfying. It was the best hot chocolate I ever tasted. Ya, another culture shock here would be the passion of Australian towards coffee and hot chocolate. I never had any other drinks (except plain water) other than this two drinks; + the serving of plain water in the bottle in every restaurant or cafe in Australian... I kind of missed them now....

We take a small stroll back to the hotel. On the way, I happened to found a bookstore that was doing sales, which offered aud 5 for every book. As a book lover myself, I was in so much of joy. I had grabbed a big evidence book of Sherlock Holmes for  $5 (which eventually becomes my sister's [TAT// ~NO!!!!]). 

We walked towards Flinder's St., which is where the train station is, and bought Met card for the tram. We went to Royal botanic garden and Shrine of memorial, took a few casual shoot and then back to the center of city. It was autumn when we were there. Most of the leaves turned yellow and reddish, as if it came out from paintings. Found one building covered with red leaves, which I dream of staying since I was small, awesomely beautiful!!!!

We took the tram until Exhibition St. and drop at the Theater Hall. They were having Comedy festivals when we were there in Melbourne. People comedians were promoting their shows in front of the hall. We planned to go for one of the show in the first place, but got a bit tired after that, hence back to hotel for nap.

We had our dinner in the Pie Face. Adorable shop which can be found all over Melbourne city. Food were nice and coffee taste good, a meal of my favorite croissant and latte! Min started to crave for rice after that XD.

We managed to meet up with an old friend there as well. We had hot chocolate (again =3=) together in Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, which is right next to QV center (shopping mall in Melbourne). Nice, but too sweet. Very glad that we could meet up with them again ( old course mate).

Went to Melbourne State Library afterthat (late night 9.30). Obviously the library is closed. I like the building alot though, my type of choice for houses. There is a lot of people in front of the library garden, which I was not sure of what their purpose is to be there at that hour of time, picnic or chatting I guess. But, these are Australian, they live a very relaxing life.. I guess....
Back to hotel and that's it for the day ~

Awesome buildings in Melbourne City^^
Day 3 [20th Apr 2012] - Melbourne Healesville Sanctuary Day Trip

In most of the hotel, they provide day trip services to tourist. We checked out earlier that morning and have our luggage stored at the lockers available in the hotel. Since our main purpose to visit Australia is for the native Australian animals, we decide to go Healesville wildlife sanctuary. There are total three zoos in Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Zoo which is very near to city, the Healvesville wildlife sanctuary and the I am not sure where zoo... We chose Healesville as I was told that it has mostly Australian native animals and we were able to have close contact with the animals. Day trip package for this cost around 169 aud. There are shuttle bus that would pick tourist up near the hotel to the Federal Square Station which is where the stations of the day trip are.
We had a brief breakfast in one of the cafe in Federal Square ( another nice building there =////=) while waiting for the time to board. Its rainy season when we were there (I always thought that overseas country don't rain.................culture shock(?) again), quite heavily that morning. 

The flow of the day trip: Dandenong Ranges => Puffing Billy Tour => Fergusson's Winery => Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary=> Melbourne City.

It took an hour for us to reach the destination--> Dandenong Ranges.  I went through my first wild bird feeding experience and it was awesome!! When I brought in the plate of bird feed into the range, wild birds flew and sat on top of my shoulder and hands and the plate itself (for the food obviously). I even fed them with the food in my hand. Most of the birds are cockatoos, some parakeet (the green one I suppose)  and also some cute pinkish parrots... maybe.... I am not familiar with the parrots family. Something to be cautious here is that, they are still wild birds ( although fed by people), attempt to touch or pet them will get whacking back from the birds, which I experienced it myself XDD. I got a hard bite on my index finger (yes, it bleed), just because I wanna touch its feathers (snobbish, heng!  =3=). I still enjoy feeding them anyway. Min actually freak out as she has some ornithophobia issue, pity somehow. There is also jungle track around there, which might have to chance to meet wild wallabies somewhere there, according to our bus driver, Mr.Gordan (not sure if I spelled it correctly). He is a humor person, and a very nice tour guide.
Next spot would be Puffing Billy ride. It is a very classic old steam train with the "Bu-!bu--!!!!!!!!pffpfpfpfp!!!!!" thingy. Reminds me of Puffing Tom from One Piece XDDDD (Otaku-genes ON). I loved the train ride a lot, kind of pity that it was drizzling during the ride. Since we were allowed to sit on the window with out legs out of the train, most of my jeans were soaked wet. Still, it was fun! Saw a alpaca range along the road too, cute alpaca~~
We had our lunch in Fergusson's Winery, served with buffet lunch and wines. I always thought that grapes wine will taste sweet in Australia, apparently I was wrong about that. Different wine have different taste regardless of the location (I sounded so stupid here..... ), both the red and the white wine I tasted in Fergusson's were dry, very dry. I love alcoholic drinks a lot, but this is one of the least that I could not stand at all. I thought it was me at first until I went to other winery, then I only knew that it was the wine. I'll keep the review of other winery until I reached there. I was not satisfy with the lunch and wine here in Fergusson's. I actually asked beforehand about the lunch menu prior to take up the buffet lunch, I was told to have various kind of meat, and not only beef ( I don't take beef). It ended up with only beef menu eventually. I was kind of disappointed. 

Last stop of the day was Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary. I always wanted to have a Koala as pet since I was small (inspired by Jackie Chan's movie). I was very excited at first when we reached Healesville. There was a tour guide for every group of tourist that will guide us through the whole sanctuary. There was bird show too on 2.30pm. Another disappointment here was that we were not given chances to touch or really have a close contact with the animals. There is some "special moment" thing that the zoo provides, but with time limitations, and with extra payment. We were told that the time for Koalas patting and photographing sessions was over, and we don't have enough time for the kangaroo's as well. Ended up looking at koalas and kangaroos over the cage. Was very disappointed at that time. Pov at that moment :we came all the way from Malaysia and WTF we are not allow to touch them!!!! We head back to Melbourne city around 4.30pm.  

Conclusion for the Day Trip was that, it was not worth of what we were paying. Frankly speaking, I was disappointed with the arrangement of the trip. No good food, or wine; no touching animals; was so heart-broken that day ;A;. But luckily, we have Adelaide!!! Our flight is 9 something on that day as well. After coming back from Healesville, we had simple dinner of Subway sandwiches (just below Formule 1) while waiting for the starbus ( provided by the hotel with payment) to go to airport. Took JetStar airline and reach Adelaide Airport at 11.30pm. And finally, met up with one of my most awesome best friend there!!! be continue 

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