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Monday, 28 May 2012

【COS】26052012 MOEPA II Workshop

MOEPA II Workshop organized by LGCC is the second workshop held. I was not able to attend last year as I am in the Sailormoon photoshoot. Overall, the flow of the workshop was quite organize, courses were good too. I personally like the props making workshop a lot. There were 4 basic courses included: wig trimming, cosplay makeup, props making and editing of photos. Basically these covered most of basic knowledge needed for cosplay. Hope that all attendees do have a good time and absorb the knowledge given, for sake of producing quality cosplay ^.~*.

Other than all the courses, there was also booths selling merchandises and some cosplay accessories, and also moepa maid cafe. Cakes and servings looked very nice indeed! Sadly I had to left earlier, missed out the chance for the refreshment ;A;. 

Since I decided to go Moepa in the very last minute, I was not prepared for that actually. I took up Tsu's offer to go for Barbie style in the end. 

Barbie is always the perfect woman image in the heart of most girls, and I actually felt pressured to do her. Somemore, I made the stupidest mistake that I shouldnt make in my whole life... I FORGOT TO BRING MY MAKEUP BAG!!!!!! Ended up with Tsu's and Molly's help, I managed to do all my makeup (love ya all =///3////=). This is full family photo, with Tsu beauty as Barbie, Molly handsome as Ken and me .... Kelly girl XDDDDD (I must had been adopted in this case.... )

I was trying to do makeup like Kota Koti's, but since I forgot my makeup bag and all my stuff that I spent my time preparing for that, the plan ended up in some trash bin..... I always envied people with deep facial features (like Tsu), which naturally looked like Caucasian. Somehow I always think that blonde doesn't suit me at all. But I like this wig alot though, thanks to Molly for borrowing it to me.   

photo thx Rin Snape

(one of the series that I edit in a very fast pace.... XDDDD)

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